The 2012 Crossbow LW is a performance free ride and a race kite that is used also for competition; it gives more power, range plus enormous advantage in boost to the kite surfer when combined with a long hang time. Also you can park and ride it in a simple way. The 2012 Crossbow LW has a different bridle with the transfer line from the rear lines to the front lines so changing direction will be lighter and easy. It is very fast to accelerate and once it is pointed in the new direction, zoom it off and it goes like a rocket!


18m                    65

16m                    60

13m                    55





  • 5 strut DESIGN
  • Reduced Weight (Light Weight)
  • Amazing Hang Time and Lift
  • Tremendous Upwind Ability
  • The biggest wind range in the lineup of Cabrinha
  • Quick Link Control System with IDS
  • Variable Tuning Options
  • Designed for Sprinting

The 2012 XB have basically the same canopy shape and is still a BOW Kite. The bridle of a bow kite has been tweaked and has the outside line bridle circuit connected to the front line bridle circuit but in 2012 they have been separated.

As already mentioned the 13, 16 and 18 are considered Light Wind versions and have 5 struts instead of 7 with all the canopy material remaining the same. Initial feedback is that the 5 strut Light Wind version goes upwind better than its counterpart (2011 Crossbow), has more range, feels lighter in air hang time, improved turning, and the kite itself provides better loops.


–          Provides more bridle configuration than the previous version

–          Good turning speed  with the new shape and bridle

–          Re-launch is pretty much 100% dependent on the wind speed

If its super light condition as in the kite will barely fly and you are on the 18 or 16, and it may be tricky. As the wind rises up, it will turn to be easier. Another feature with regards to re-launch is keeping the kite light! This means reduction of parts and pulleys is recommended to make sure that the kite is as light as possible without giving away the important performance, re-launch or safety.


With the different shape of the Crossbow LW, it is found out that the benefit of connecting the front/rear bridles was not that evident, especially in the light wind versions. One thing to be noticed in particular was the bar pressure, especially on the 18 and 16 meter kites, too light will turn the bar pressure hard to handle and it will result difficulties on riding in super light winds.


The Crossbow LW is a breakthrough performance kite in the arena of light wind division. The Crossbow LW has reduced compact struts and a specific profile set to bring optimum performance when it is subjected for threshold winds conditions. Threshold winds are the speed of the winds where kite boarding becomes possible. The Crossbow LW not only allows you to ride when others are on the beach scratching their heads in surprise, but it provides the type of light wind efficiency to put you on the race stage in professional race events. Whether you are serious about light wind racing or serious about having fun in picky light wind conditions, the Crossbow LW is the kite for you. Also it is available in different sizes, bar and colors.